All M cars should have theater—they are designed to entertain, baffle, and methodically extract not only a mechanical performance but also an emotional one. Eisenmann’s success is predicated on delivering a heightened experience by manufacturing hand-built, German-made exhaust systems—they are responsible for some of the finest exhausts for BMW M cars since its inception in 1988. This vast experience has afforded Eisenmann access to both cutting-edge technologies and an engineering staff committed to delivering at or above Eisenmann’s stringent standards.

We worked hard to give our clients a multitude of choices for BMW's newest M Car, and so we have created a completely different style of exhaust with this new race system from Eisenmann. The Eisenmann Race exhaust system is designed specifically to maximize power output and exhaust notes while maintaining the lowest possible exhaust system weight. The original BMW muffler is deleted and replaced with dual high-flow resonators, allowing Eisenmann to tune the exhaust note while virtually eliminating all restrictions.

Each race system is hand-built from 304 stainless steel and features the all-new—designed for G8x—massive 110mm LeMans Tip presents a unique side cut-out featuring the Eisenmann Signature.

We are thrilled to present the newest G8x M3/4 exhaust system to M enthusiasts worldwide!

NOTE: Eisenmann G8X Race System Retains OE Valve Control and is designed to function best with either the factory or non-resonated Eisenmann center pipe.