Introducing Dëff's extraordinary smart key case crafted with the exceptional strength and durability of DuPont's Kevlar®, the renowned aramid fiber. Aramid fiber, also known as "super fiber," is trusted in aerospace, automotive, and high-performance applications for its unmatched reliability.

Experience the remarkable qualities of aramid fiber in Dëff's smart key case. With approximately five times the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight, it provides optimal protection without compromising on style. The case offers heat resistance, impact resistance, non-magnetism, and vibration-damping effects, making it an ideal choice for BMW owners seeking unparalleled quality.

Designed specifically for the latest BMW smart keys, Dëff's case perfectly molds to their unique shape, ensuring a seamless fit. The intricate parts are precisely crafted using aramid fiber, while an aluminum bumper safeguards the outer perimeter with precision and elegance. Dëff's partnership with expert aramid fiber handlers and their extensive experience in smartphone case development has resulted in a truly exceptional product that embodies both design and performance.

Not only does Dëff's case showcase the thin, lightweight, and robust characteristics of aramid fiber, but it also boasts a stunning finish that accentuates the intricate weave pattern. The aluminum bumper is flawlessly coated with an anodized finish, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Dëff is renowned for.

Experience the perfect fusion of style, strength, and sophistication with Dëff's aramid fiber smart key case. Enjoy the convenience of safe, smart key usage without compromising on the aesthetics of your BMW. Elevate your ownership experience with Dëff, where exceptional quality meets innovative design.

Product Fitment:

  • G20 3-Series
  • G30/ G31 5-Series
  • G11/ G12 7-Series
  • G14/ G15/ G16 8-Series
  • G01 X3
  • G02 X4
  • G05 X5
  • G06 X6
  • G07 X7
  • G29 Z4

Note: The Toyota Supra key is incompatible with Dëff's smart key case due to its different rear shape.

About Dëff:

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