The CR Racing performance coolant radiator for the F10 M5 and the F06, F12, F13 M6 has taken over the role of being an icon for the tuning community. However, even being backed by BMW, high coolant temperatures can still bring your track day or canyon carve to a screeching halt. It’s a tag-team effort to keep the F90 M5 cool, and the team at CR Racing made sure to overhaul the primary radiators for optimal cooling performance. The radiator was revised from the ground up, starting with the construction. CR Racing ditched the slim stock core and plastic end tanks in favor of full aluminum, TIG-welded construction, sure to stand up to the abuse from the street, track, or drag strip.

The primary radiator features an increase of +1.95 liter thick core, increasing fluid capacity and the core volume for improved heat dissipation. In addition, the updated tube-and-fin design employed on this radiator also expands the external fin surface area by +200% to further improve the transfer of heat. Finally, to ensure a rock-solid core, CR Racing also utilized strutted tubes on the primary radiator for a core that resists chassis flex, preventing cracks or leaks in your cooling system increase in external fin surface area for a maximum cooling property.