Elevate Your BMW's Performance with CR Racing Turbo Inlets

Unleash the full potential of your F9X M5 and M8 with the remarkable CR Racing Turbo Inlets – a seamless upgrade that paves the way for unmatched power and performance. Crafted to enhance your driving experience, these turbo inlets are a cost-effective investment that propels you toward achieving the ultimate driving experience. Elevate Your BMW's Performance with CR Racing Turbo Inlets

  • Overcome Factory Restrictions: CR Racing Turbo Inlets optimize airflow to turbochargers, enhancing their performance.
  • Precision-Crafted Power: Meticulously engineered with glossy UV-coated carbon fiber, these inlets seamlessly integrate with your intake system.
  • Remarkable Gains: Enjoy up to 22 WHP and 18 lb-ft of torque, thanks to the increased volume and unique design.
  • Real-World Efficiency: Lower backpressure, cooler temps, and elevated boost pressure levels translate to unmatched on-road performance.


Unleash your BMW's full potential with CR Racing Turbo Inlets. Get ready for a driving experience like no other.