Experience the union of excellence as AutoTecknic proudly takes on the role of the exclusive US distributor for CR Racing. As we introduce this esteemed brand to the North American market, we are thrilled to unveil CR Racing's dry carbon strut bar, meticulously designed for the G8X platform. Engineered to enhance chassis rigidity around the suspension pick-up points, this remarkable addition significantly elevates handling characteristics by minimizing suspension geometry alterations during cornering forces. Bid farewell to chassis flex during the most demanding cornering or turns, as CR Racing's Dry Carbon Strut Bar for the G87 platform caters to the needs of both street-driven and track-driven M2 enthusiasts.

CR Racing shares our unwavering commitment to development excellence, and their Dry Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Bar serves as the uncompromising solution to the OEM Steel strut tower bar equipped with the G87 M2. Crafted with utmost precision, these strut tower bars are meticulously fashioned from 100% 3K pre-preg Toray carbon fiber materials sourced directly from Japan, leaving no room for compromise.

Just like AutoTecknic, CR Racing upholds the highest standards by utilizing pre-preg (dry carbon) carbon fiber exclusively in its performance products. The name "dry carbon fiber" reflects its manufacturing process, involving the use of impregnated carbon materials known as "pre-preg." Through a meticulous curing process within a sealed vacuum (autoclave), dry carbon fiber is formed, boasting superior strength and a lighter composition compared to the conventional "wet" method. The autoclave vacuuming process ensures minimal imperfections, such as pinholes and air pockets, resulting in an optimal resin-to-carbon ratio for unrivaled durability and weight reduction.

CR Racing's carbon fiber components undergo the same meticulous finishing process as AutoTecknic, receiving the prestigious AutoTecknic-certified clear coat. Applied in three separate production stages, this clear coat guarantees a flawlessly exquisite surface finish, leaving no room for compromise.

Elevate your driving experience with CR Racing's exceptional carbon fiber components, now available through AutoTecknic. Embrace the marriage of performance and style as every detail of your G87 M2 is transformed with unparalleled precision and craftsmanship.