From the racetrack straight to the road: the lightweight titanium valved exhaust system generates a highly emotive sound redolent of racing sports. Specially developed for M models, in optical terms, the titanium tailpipe trim module (consisting of four centrally positioned tailpipe trims) give the car a completely new and striking individual appearance.

The perforated inner pipes represent the ultimate in high tech and sportiness, accentuating the individual characteristics of the BMW M. The Motor dynamic button can be used to enable multiple modes to influence the performance of the exhaust system:

  • Sport and Sport+ mode: Extremely emotional sound, very sporty, maximum performance.
  • Efficient Mode: more sporty , emotional sound compared to the standard, but with the same level of comfort for uncompromising everyday use.

The optimized exhaust system amplifies the characteristic 6-cylinder twin turbo sound and accentuates the car’s sporty appearance. The silencer system is made from a high quality material mix: the front pipes are made from lightweight stainless steel, while the rear silencer is made entirely from titanium.

Product Details:

  • Fits G87 M2
  • Genuine BMW M Performance Parts
  • Full Kit Includes:
    • Titanium muffler with stainless connecting pipes/clamps (BMW Part# 18305A6A720)
    • Tailpipe trim module (BMW Part# 18305A6A6A7)
    • 4x Titanium tailpipe trims (BMW Part# 18305A86350)
    • M Performance 2x2 twill weave carbon rear diffuser (BMW Part# 51125A46B54)
  • The silencer system is over 30 % (around 8 kg) lighter than the stock system