Enhance Your BMW's Performance with BMC Panel Air Filters - The Ultimate Replacement Upgrade!

Upgrade your vehicle's air filtration system with the BMC panel air filter, often referred to as the "replacement air filter." Designed to replace the OEM air filter in your original airbox, this high-performance filter takes your driving experience to new heights.

Crafted with precision and advanced materials, BMC air filters deliver unparalleled performance. Experience an increased airflow that optimizes your engine's power, all while ensuring superior filtration. From tiny impurities as small as 7 microns, these filters provide comprehensive protection, surpassing OEM filters at 10 microns.

BMC's cutting-edge "Full Moulding" system ensures the iconic red filter is crafted from a single mold, eliminating weak welded joints and enhancing durability. The rubber used in BMC air filtering systems exhibits exceptional longevity and robustness, ensuring a perfect fit for all airboxes.

The heart of BMC filters lies in their multi-layered cotton gauze, infused with low viscosity oil, and fortified with an epoxy coated alloy mesh. This powerful combination guarantees protection from petrol fumes and resists oxidization due to air humidity, ensuring peak performance in any driving condition.

Enjoy the convenience of pre-oiled BMC air filters, and when it's time for maintenance, simply wash and regenerate them using the BMC regeneration kit.

Give your BMW the advantage it deserves with BMC panel air filters - the ultimate choice for discerning enthusiasts. Unleash the full potential of your engine while safeguarding it from harmful contaminants.

Upgrade now and elevate your driving experience to unmatched levels with BMC - the leader in high-performance air filtration technology. Your BMW deserves nothing less.

Vehicle Applications:
  • AMG GT (X290) 63 4MATIC+ 
  • AMG GT (X290) 63 S 4MATIC+ 
  • CLASS E (W213/S213,A238) E 63 AMG 
  • CLASS E (W213/S213,A238) E 63 S AMG 
  • CLASS G (W463) G 63 AMG 
  • CLASS S (W222,A/C217) S 63 AMG 
  • GLE / GLS / GLE Coupé (W167) GLE 63 AMG 
  • GLE / GLS / GLE Coupé (W167) GLE 63 S AMG
  • GLE / GLS / GLE Coupé (W167) GLS 600 Maybach