Breathe easily each time you sit behind the wheel of your BMW. Efficient and clean airflow will make each ride a comfortable one, so don't settle for anything less than the best. To really feel the difference as you drive, you've got to go with the BMC F95 X5M / F96 X6M Air Filter Set. This air filter goes the extra mile to guarantee containment of all impurities from as small as 7 microns, even smaller than the OEM's 10 microns.

Product Details:

  • BMC air filters are produced using a "Full Moulding" system that enables the iconic red filter to be realized from a single mold with no welded joints. The rubber used in BMC air filtering systems has a long life, is very durable, and has optimum adhesion characteristics to all shapes of airboxes.
  • BMC filters are made of multi-layered cotton gauze soaked with low viscosity oil covered with an epoxy-coated alloy mesh to ensure protection from petrol fumes and oxidization due to air humidity.
  • All BMC air filters are pre-oiled and can be washed and regenerated using the appropriate BMC regeneration kit.