Experience the ultimate in performance and precision with our exclusive custom-made rod bolts, meticulously crafted by BE Bearings in collaboration with ARP. These top-of-the-line bolts are specifically designed for use with BMW factory connecting rods, ensuring a seamless fit and unrivaled reliability.

At BE Bearings, we understand the importance of maintaining optimal rod big end bore integrity. That's why we partnered with ARP to develop custom rod bolt torque specifications specifically tailored to minimize distortion. Each bolt undergoes rigorous measurement and verification processes to guarantee minimal bore distortion while still adhering to the stringent ARP torque specifications.

Invest in the peace of mind that comes with knowing your BMW's connecting rods are secured by our premium custom rod bolts. Experience the precision, quality, and performance that BE Bearings and ARP deliver. Elevate your driving experience with confidence and ensure the longevity of your engine.

Technical Details:

Composition ARP2000®
Part Number ARP-CUSTOM
Yield strength 200,000 PSI
Tensile strength 220,000 PSI
Torque specification 50 Ft/Lbs, or 0.0065-0.0070 inch stretch
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