Now you can update your side mirror's turn signal from the simple flashing to AutoTecknic's Dynamic Sequential LED turn signal. Sharpen the look of your side mirrors with its smoked lens housing that complements the sporty and luxurious aura of your A90 Supra.

The amber LEDs will scroll outwards from the center as you engage your turn signals. Easily and directly replace your stock side mirror turn signals via plug-and-play action. Upgrade to the sequential LED side mirror turn signal lamps to tell other drivers that you are merging in style!

Product Details:

  • High-powered SMD (Surface Mounted Device) LEDs on each signal light.
  • Direct plug-&-play, no error codes guaranteed!
  • Enhanced visibility with modern OEM appearance.
  • Reflector added for a complete 180° array of illumination.
  • It blends in perfectly with AutoTecknic carbon fiber mirror caps.
  • They are ultrasonically sealed for a seamless look.
  • Superior brightness & craftsmanship.
  • 100% compatible with OEM mirror caps.
  • One-year warranty covering all manufacturer defects.

Our Sequential Turn Signal was modeled off the Japanese version of the A90 Supra. Minor modifications might be needed if the A90 Supra is spec'ed anywhere other than the Japanese domestic market. Please review the attached video for the installation process.