Introducing the pinnacle of engineering excellence: AutoTecknic Magnetic RS Shift Paddles, crafted to embody the spirit of Porsche racing. Precision-engineered from premium 6061-T Grade Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum, these paddles offer unparalleled precision and durability. Elevate your driving experience with seamless integration into Porsche Sport Design Steering Wheels, providing an exhilarating and aggressive feel that enhances your high-performance identity on the road.

Experience lightning-fast gear changes with our Magnetic RS Shift Paddles, engineered with Neodymium Magnets for swift and robust snap-back action. Every shift is accompanied by a satisfying "click" sound, ensuring a thrilling ride with seamless gear selection at any steering angle. With customizable angles and distances, these paddles offer the freedom to tailor your driving experience to perfection. Transform your Porsche journey with AutoTecknic Magnetic RS Shift Paddles – a true masterpiece that not only elevates your performance but also reflects your unwavering passion for automotive excellence.

This stunning masterpiece comes with the following:

  • 2x Complete Magnetic Paddle Shifter Module Units
  • 2x RS Style Paddles with Porsche's iconic Satin Finish
  • 2x Allen Keys & new hardware for the steering wheel application

The AutoTecknic Magnetic RS Shift Paddles have been created with various applications in mind, including but not limited to the following:

  • 992 GT3/ GT3 Touring
  • 992 Carrera/ Carrera S/ Targa/ Targa S
  • 992 Turbo/ Turbo S
  • 971.2 Panamera 2021-2023
  • 95B.2 Macan/ Macan S/ Macan GTS/ Macan Turbo 2022-2024

These shift paddles are versatile and can be used in several different Porsche vehicle models, providing an easy and efficient way to enhance your driving experience.

Experience the thrill of driving like never before with the AutoTecknic Magnetic RS Shift Paddles. Order now and experience the difference!