Introducing the AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler designed exclusively for the G42 2-Series Coupe. Elevate your coupe's rear aesthetics with this meticulously crafted spoiler, featuring lightweight 3K twill weave pre-preg carbon fiber and layers of a glossy clear coat. Tailored to fit seamlessly on all G42 2-Series Coupes, this carbon fiber trunk spoiler adds a touch of subtle styling that complements the car's essence.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in the use of dry carbon fiber—a process born from precision and innovation. Utilizing the "pre-preg" method, the carbon material undergoes meticulous molding and autoclave curing, resulting in a lighter and more environmentally friendly product. The vacuuming process during manufacturing ensures a flawless finish, free from pinholes and air pockets, making dry carbon the pinnacle of quality.

Rest assured, each AutoTecknic product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control before reaching you. Installing this spoiler is a breeze, with only double-sided tape needed—no drilling required. In just 30 minutes, witness the transformation of your G42 2-Series Coupe, embracing the epitome of dry carbon fiber craftsmanship.

Elevate your BMW experience. Elevate with AutoTecknic.