Introducing the ultimate solution for a refined and quieter driving experience - our pre-preg carbon fiber side mirror wind deflector set. Engineered specifically for Porsche enthusiasts, this product is meticulously designed to minimize wind-buffeting noise while adding a touch of aerodynamic sophistication to your vehicle.

Crafted from premium pre-preg autoclave carbon fiber, this window trim replacement ensures unparalleled durability and strength. The high gloss finish not only guarantees a flawless look but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your Porsche.

Our carbon fiber window trim is thoughtfully designed for easy installation, seamlessly fitting onto your factory mounting location. Say goodbye to noisy and unsightly black plastic trim as our product covers it effortlessly. With self-adhesive double-sided tape included, installation is a breeze, requiring no drilling or modifications.

For Porsche 992 model owners, our carbon fiber window trim replacement is a perfect match. Bid farewell to wind-buffeting noise while indulging in the sleek, aerodynamic appearance that perfectly complements your Porsche's distinctive style.

Enhance your driving experience with our pre-preg carbon fiber window trim replacement and enjoy the performance and aesthetics you deserve. Elevate your driving game to the next level by ordering now.