Hey BMW fans, we've got an exciting new product that will take your ride to the next level! Introducing the AutoTecknic pre-preg dry carbon fiber 'shark fin' antenna cover - the ultimate accessory for achieving that ferocious predator look on your BMW.

Our signature autoclave vacuum forming technology ensures a seamless fit and impeccable finish every time, making your BMW stand out from the crowd. The consistent carbon weave pattern adds an extra layer of sophistication to your ride, while the high product stiffness and added strength of our exceptional pre-preg carbon/resin ratio guarantee unparalleled durability.

Our high gloss, UV-resistant clear coat keeps your shark fin antenna cover looking flawless and free from yellowing, chipping, or flaking - ensuring a stunning finish that lasts. You can trust our meticulous inspection process, which guarantees the quality of every component before shipment.

We take pride in our products, and our commitment to excellence means that you can enjoy peace of mind with every genuine AutoTecknic carbon fiber product. So, why wait? Order your shark fin antenna cover today and experience the thrill of driving a BMW with a look that's as fierce as it is stylish!


  • The antenna cover will only fit the G42 2-Series 2023-Up.
  • It may affect XM signals; all other bands will not be affected.