Take your G80 M3 or G82/G83 M4's performance to new heights with AutoTecknic's Dry Carbon Intake Air Duct Set—an innovative addition designed to elevate your driving experience.

Positioned strategically behind the front grills, these air ducts create a potent "ram-air" effect, optimizing performance under the hood. By channeling the natural motion of air intake, they boost static air pressure entering the filter and manifold, resulting in a cooler engine and ensuring optimal efficiency.

Crafted from premium dry carbon fiber, our intake air duct set not only enhances functionality but also adds a touch of aesthetic sophistication to your vehicle's front end. The lightweight nature of carbon fiber complements the performance-driven design, striking a perfect balance between form and function.

Our advanced manufacturing process, utilizing the "pre-preg" method and autoclave vacuuming, guarantees a durable, precisely formed, and lightweight carbon piece. This approach minimizes waste and results in a flawless finish with minimal imperfections, setting a new standard for excellence.

Perfect for enthusiasts seeking to maximize torque output, transform your driving experience with AutoTecknic's Dry Carbon Intake Air Duct Set—a fusion of cutting-edge technology with a sleek, eye-catching design.

Professional installation, including some trimming to the plastic shield, is required for seamless integration and optimal performance.

Product Testing Feedback:

After installing the air intake vent, the driving experience at speeds ranging from 30-40 mph showcases a robust influx of air, distinctly audible even without aftermarket intake installed. The throttle becomes more responsive, with increased acceleration and torque evident from 3500 RPM to the redline. The gear shift sound from the exhaust becomes more resonant, and at mid to high speeds, the exhaust note gains a substantial depth compared to the original factory exhaust.

Elevate your ride with an unmistakable intake sound and a fuller, more solid exhaust melody, delivering a performance akin to the precision of the G8X Platform.

Compatible with:
  • OEM BMW Radiator (17-11-8-095-283)
  • CSF Heat Exchanger (8215)
  • Mishimoto Heat Exchanger (MMHE-G80-21)