Introducing our highly anticipated dry carbon fiber interior trim, specially crafted for the G01 X3 LCI and G02 X4 LCI models. Elevate your BMW experience with this exquisite upgrade, now available for your beloved vehicle. Made with precision and style, our brand-new 3K Twill weave carbon fiber trim seamlessly complements the interior of your G01 X3 or G02 X4.

Please note that this 6-piece kit is exclusively compatible with left-hand drive G01 X3 LCI and G02 X4 LCI models. Experience the best of both worlds as our dry carbon fiber trim allows you to keep your original BMW interior while enjoying the captivating aesthetics of carbon fiber.

Each piece in the kit comes with genuine 3M adhesive for a straightforward installation. Transform your BMW's interior effortlessly and indulge in the elegance of carbon fiber craftsmanship.

Important: This interior trim is designed exclusively for G01 X3 and G02 X4 models equipped with the ambiance lighting package. Immerse yourself in an environment of sophistication and refinement with our dry carbon fiber interior trim.

Upgrade your BMW's interior with our exceptional dry carbon fiber trim today. Experience the pinnacle of luxury and style with this exclusive enhancement. Order now and embark on a journey of unrivaled elegance.