AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Brake Cooling Duct Set is now available for retrofitting to your F87 M2 Competition and F87 M2 CS bumper, just like the ones found on the M2 CS Racing. As a leading name in the carbon fiber industry, AutoTecknic creates distinctive and effective pieces that are second to none. Keep your brakes cool on the street or track with the AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Brake Cooling Ducts.

Designed to keep temperatures optimal under competitive driving conditions, these ducts route cool air directly from the front bumper to the brake system. Mounting them on the front bumper requires modification, but the end result is well worth it. Get your hands on the AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Brake Cooling Duct Set today and experience the difference in performance.

Product Details:

  • It Fits M2 Competition and CS with modification/ cutting to the bumper and M2 CS Racing bumpers.
  • A pair of dry carbon cooling ducts (left and right sides) is included.
  • Constructed of pre-preg dry carbon fiber in gloss finish.
  • The duct set DOES NOT include brake hoses and backing plates.