Elevate Your Driving Experience with the AMS Performance Toyota GR Supra Anti-Wind Buffeting Kit

Application(s): Compatible with all A90 Supra models

Experience a New Level of Comfort: Say goodbye to the annoying wind buffeting that plagues every MKV Supra when you're cruising at 50-60 mph with the windows down. Our expertly engineered Anti-Wind Buffeting Kit is the solution. It redirects airflow away from the cabin, ensuring a more enjoyable ride.

Easy Installation: No tools are needed for this quick, no-drill installation. We provide 3M tape for secure mounting, and online installation instructions make it a breeze.

Customized Look: Choose from matte and gloss carbon fiber or gloss black ABS plastic to match your Supra's style. These deflectors not only perform exceptionally but also enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Product Notes: Please note that it may not fit some non-USDM 2023+ model year vehicles. For specific compatibility, reach out to our Customer Service Team and provide photos of your mirrors.

Embrace an Enhanced Driving Experience: Our Anti-Wind Buffeting Kit is designed to improve your driving comfort without impacting vehicle emissions. It complies with US State and Federal emissions standards, ensuring a hassle-free upgrade. International users should adhere to local regulations.

Elevate your Supra's performance and aesthetics with the AMS Performance Anti-Wind Buffeting Kit. Say goodbye to wind-buffeting woes and enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride.