Elevate the performance and style of your Infiniti Q50 or Q60 with the AMS Performance Red Alpha Matte Carbon Fender Side Trim Set. Crafted from authentic carbon fiber, these trim pieces are designed to enhance your VR30 engine's aesthetics while delivering exceptional strength to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving.

The matte finish, complemented by a clear coat, lends a modern and sleek appearance to your vehicle. Installation is a breeze, requiring only basic hand tools, and it's compatible with all Q50 and Q60 models equipped with the VR30 engine.


  • Matte Carbon Fender Side Trim Set (Q50 or Q60, depending on your selection)


  • 2016-Current INFINITI Q50 with VR30 (Depending on your selection)
  • 2017-Current INFINITI Q60 with VR30 (Depending on your selection)

Please note that as these carbon fiber parts are crafted with motorsports-grade precision, minor imperfections or variances in weave patterns may be present. Additionally, any additional carbon products displayed in the full engine bay photo are sold separately.

NON-EMISSIONS RELATED This product is either entirely unrelated to emissions-controlled engines, or we believe it has no impact on vehicle emissions or emission control devices. It does not conflict with any US State or Federal emissions standards. For international users outside of the United States, please adhere to your local laws and regulations.

Elevate your Infiniti's performance and aesthetics with the AMS Performance Red Alpha Matte Carbon Fender Side Trim Set.