Unlock the full potential of your 2019-Up BMW M340i with the AMS Performance B58 Intake Manifold. Crafted to elevate your B58 engine's performance, this manifold boasts impressive features:

  • 1250+ HP Rated: Designed to handle the power of a beast.
  • Parallel Air-to-Water Intercooler Cores: Superior cooling for peak performance.
  • Auxiliary Port Fuel Rail: -8AN side ports for flexible fueling options.
  • CFD Verified Design: Computational Fluid Dynamics ensures optimal airflow.
  • Properly Angled Port Injection: Improved fuel atomization for efficiency.
  • 135% Larger Core Area: Compared to OEM for enhanced cooling.
  • Additional -4AN ORB Ports: Located on the plenum for vacuum source points.
  • Complete Package: Includes all hardware, lines, and fittings for hassle-free installation.
Please note that while we believe this product may be CARB EO exemption applicable or compliant with the EPA's Anti-Tampering Policy, it hasn't undergone the required testing and administrative process yet. As a result, it's not available for emissions-controlled vehicles in California without a completed AMS Race Waiver form. International users, please follow your local laws and regulations.

Unleash your BMW's true potential with the AMS Performance B58 Intake Manifold. Upgrade today for an exhilarating driving experience.