Introducing the Akrapovič Evolution Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System for the remarkable Mercedes-AMG G63 and G550 (W463A) models. Elevate your driving experience with this meticulously crafted system, designed to combine exceptional durability and outstanding performance. Crafted from high-grade lightweight titanium, the Evolution Line system cuts weight by a remarkable 45% compared to the stock exhaust, enhancing the agility and dynamism of your vehicle.

Designed with precision, the system features bespoke tailpipes, meticulously shaped in the Akrapovič foundry. These dual tailpipes gracefully exit on both sides of your Mercedes-AMG, seamlessly integrating into the SUV's bold aesthetics. The tailored routing ensures a perfect fit within limited space, embodying the essence of luxury and performance.

Experience the symphony of power with the Evolution Line's integrated exhaust valves. These valves, strategically positioned behind the rear mufflers, empower you with precise control over the exhaust notes. Engage the accelerator, and revel in the distinctive, deeper, and sportier sound that resonates during acceleration and gear shifts. Feel the surge of power and torque across the entire RPM range as the Evolution Line enhances performance while maintaining the AMG's iconic character.

Included in this exceptional package is the Sound Kit Valve Control, providing you with an elevated level of customization. Embrace the true essence of the Mercedes-Benz AMG spirit as the Akrapovič Evolution Titanium Cat Back Exhaust System becomes an extension of your vehicle's dynamic identity. 

2019+ Mercedes-AMG G63 (W463A)
2019+ Mercedes-AMG G550 (W463A)

Important Fitment Note: Please note that this system is not compatible with vehicles equipped with the Otto particulate filter (OPF).

  • For mounting Akrapovič Evolution Line exhaust S-ME/TI/5 on Mercedes-Benz G 500/G 550 the car has to be equipped with the Mercedes stainless steel package (code PA3) or step boards on the left and right sides (code T84 or T86 or T87).
  • In addition to the Akrapovič fitting kit P-HF1225, the following additional original Mercedes-Benz parts have to be purchased:
    • A 901 492 00 44 (QTY 4)
    • A 463 490 05 02 (QTY 1)
    • A 463 490 06 02 (QTY 1)