For over four decades, Active Autowerke has established itself as the premier authority in engineering top-of-the-line BMW performance products. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing performance through the use of superior products, Active Autowerke has become synonymous with unleashing power. Our unwavering dedication to developing refined BMW performance parts, with a focus on power, and making them accessible to the thriving BMW community is exemplified by our exceptional F87 mid pipe, a valuable addition to our M2C BMW collection.

The Active Autowerke F87 Mid Pipe is meticulously crafted to eliminate the inherent restrictions of the S55 engine, resulting in optimal exhaust flow and a dramatic improvement in performance. To address the persistent issue of an irritating sound (often likened to that of a weed eater), we embarked on comprehensive research and rigorous testing. Through our efforts, we identified the synchronization of the turbos as the primary contributing factor to this sound. Our solution was a single mid-pipe that effectively mitigated much of the unwanted noise. However, we encountered a new challenge: accommodating a large 3.5" pipe, necessary for optimal performance, without compromising ground clearance. This led us to ingeniously engineer an oval pipe, ensuring a perfect fit for the new BMW M2 Competition. The difference in power with this mid-pipe will be palpable from the moment it is installed!

In response to numerous customer requests, we are pleased to offer an option to include resonated connecting pipes with your Active Autowerke M2C single mid-pipe. This enhancement further refines the exhaust note, delivering an even more satisfying driving experience.

Key Features:

  • 18+ WHP over stock*
  • 30+ LB-FT over stock*
  • Improved performance from less back pressure
  • Deeper & throatier exhaust note
  • Less restrictive, more free-flowing
  • Lighter weight than the factory system
  • Quicker turbo spool
  • Increased low-end and mid-range power
  • The single-pipe design eliminates cheap weed-eater sound from factory exhaust

* Performance gains when paired with Active Autowerke F8X Rear Exhaust Section



  • Active Autowerke F8X Mid Pipe
  • Active Autowerke F8X Rear Exhaust Section

F8X BMW M3/M4 Exhaust Results:

  • RED Line u2013 Stock Figures: 380 WHP | 371 WTQ
  • BLUE Line 2013 Full Active Autowerke Exhaust: 398 WHP | 401 WTQ
  • GOLD Line u2013 Full Active Autowerke Exhaust Run 2: 397 WHP | 398 WTQ

Note: Active Autowerke Full Exhaust System is recommended for, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, off-road or racing applications.


BMW has ingeniously incorporated two silencers in the middle and rear sections of the factory F87 exhaust system to effectively control noise levels. Although the middle silencer features a clever internal crossover to minimize drone, it also imposes significant restrictions and amplifies the dissonant, unbalanced sound generated by the turbochargers, which has been a source of dissatisfaction among many owners.

Through a thorough examination of the F8X exhaust system, we arrived at a breakthrough realization: achieving remarkable results can be accomplished with simplicity. Thus, our M2C exhaust was meticulously designed with a primary focus on the highly restrictive mid-pipe. Our innovative design has resulted in a monumental increase in exhaust flow while virtually eradicating the disconcerting "dueling 3-cylinders" sound. The result is an exhaust system that harmonizes perfectly with the performance capabilities of your BMW, enhancing both its power and acoustics.


In our relentless pursuit of maximizing performance gains, we delved into the realm of trade secrets to craft an exceptional mid-pipe design for our F87 model. While it's true that many of our competitors have ventured down a similar path, we were determined to differentiate our F87 Mid Pipe from the rest.

Diverging from both the factory mid pipe and the mid pipes offered by our rivals, we opted for a singular pipe design. This strategic choice was driven by several key factors:

First and foremost, our aim was to completely eradicate the undesirable "cheap weed eater" sound that frequently plagues exhaust systems. By employing this unique design, not only have we succeeded in eliminating that un-M3-like noise, but we've also achieved a deeper, more harmonious tone that perfectly resonates with the essence of a true performance car crafted by the revered ///M Division. As a natural consequence of the enhanced exhaust flow, we've unearthed an astonishing amount of additional power. Moreover, by eliminating the need for an extra pipe, we've managed to shed valuable weight, a factor that directly translates to enhanced overall performance!

Experience the pinnacle of BMW performance with our distinguished F87 Mid Pipe, meticulously engineered to deliver an unmatched blend of captivating sound, potent power gains, and noticeable weight reduction. Elevate your driving experience to exhilarating new heights with this remarkable upgrade.