Amidst all of the suspension components available for the E9X M3 today, there is one that has gone overlooked—the stamped steel trailing arm. Over time, this arm has been known to fatigue and bend, especially under hard cornering or suspension compression. Consequently, the arm can buckle without warning which can be, at the very least, inconvenient or downright devastating.

Future Classic's trailing arm set beefs up the OE arms by adding a dimpled, CNC machined steel reinforcement plate to the open end. By doing so, they have effectively created a box—this increases the rigidity of the trailing arm and thereby reduces unwanted flex. And, as an arm susceptible to bending, committing to steel further prevents deformation underweight, force, or heat versus any aluminum counterpart.

Each trailing arm set is beautifully finished in a semi-gloss black powder coat to match the OE finish and protect against corrosion. Even further, the dimpled steel reinforcement plate is a direct mirror of the OE arm, making it a subtle yet incredibly effective mod for your E9X M3.

For those seeking a complete solution with improved suspension articulation, our arms can also be optioned with our trailing link bearing set. These ball joint bearings are sealed for long-life performance and are devoid of any increased NVH that you would get from a monoball solution.

Product Details:

  • For all E9X M3 cars (E90, E92, E93) and E82 1M
  • Boxed reinforcement design adds robust strength and peace of mind for street or motorsport duty
  • Semi-gloss black powder coat finish for corrosion protection
  • Easy install, no new alignment required
  • Optional add-on: Future Classic Trailing Arm Bushing Set