Unleash the Power: Eventuri's Lotus Emira V6 Intake System

Performance Gain: 12-20hp, 8-19ft-lb

Introducing our Lotus Emira V6 Supercharged intake. This intake is the result of extensive R&D and testing to improve on the flow path of the stock system. Our system is a complete redesign of the stock airbox with the aim of reducing the resistance on the supercharger and keeping inlet temperatures low. By utilizing out patented Venturi Housing the airflow path is now much more direct and laminar in comparison to the cuboid OEM airbox. Our custom made EPDM hose is also much smoother internally in comparison to the stock hose, which has large ridges along the curved section that inherently create turbulence. Our version allows movement where it is necessary but then has a smooth curved section all the way to the throttle body. Finally our duct seals the filter housing and takes in cold air from the OEM location for minimized IATs.

The Lotus Emira Eventuri system uses our Patented Carbon Fiber Housings with our Gen 2 bespoke filters, which provide an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbos. Not just another cone filter with a heat shield but a unique design which invokes the Venturi effect and maintains laminar flow conditions to reduce the drag on the turbo.

Each intake system consists of:

  • Carbon Fiber Patented Venturi Filter Housing
  • Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filter
  • Carbon Fiber Air Duct
  • EPDM Flexible Hose
  • Stainless Steel Bracket Work
  • CNC Machined Hardware

This intake has been independently dyno tested by Dream Automotive in the UK. Tests were done back to back against the stock airbox and several runs were taken with each configuration. The car tested was without charcoal filters in the stock airboxes. The dyno results show a consistent gain throughout the entire RPM range which can be attributed to the supercharger working with less resistance due to the higher efficiency of the intake system. The performance gain translates on the road to increased part throttle and full throttle response with the car pulling much more eagerly to the redline.

April 30, 2024 — Inderpreet Singh