All You Need to Know About the Types of H&R Suspension Lowering Springs

H&R suspension springs are among the most commonly used ones that improve your car’s performance. They upgrade your vehicle’s overall suspension and help reduce the body roll of your car. With H&R lowering springs, you can experience an excellently comfortable ride every time and watch your car getting better.

Suspension springs by H&R are made from high-quality materials to ensure that your car never lags behind the others. They don’t sag and are intended to last longer than any other automotive springs. However, you must know which suspension lowering spring is best for your car.

So, here are some facts about the different types of lowering springs. Read them to know which the best choice for your ride is.

OE Sport Springs


With an ability to lower between 0.25” - 0.75” on average, the OE sport springs offer great balance and control on your car’s movement. They slightly increase the efficiency of your car and helps reduce body roll for a comfortable experience every time. With this being said, an OE sport spring makes an elusive, beginner-level addition to your car.

Sport Springs

H&R Sport Springs have an average lowering capacity between 1.5” - 1.8” with which they promote an excellent presentation of your car. Among the most popular spring kits, they add more appeal to your car’s appearance while also reducing body roll and fender well gap. Also, they are perfect for use to improve the single-part suspension of your car.

Super Sport Springs


Super sport suspension springs make a high-end addition to your car enhancing its efficiency and lowering capacity up to an average of 1.75” - 2.3”. These suspension springs are known to be the most resourceful ones, improving the center of gravity of your ride and gas mileage. They overall help you maintain a comfortable ride experience.


No matter which car you have, installing an H&R Super Sport Spring has to be the wisest decision. It will surely help improve your car’s drivability and we, at AutoTecknic, are here to help you make a perfect choice.

March 04, 2021 — Darren Dario