4 Ways to Enhance Your Car's Interior With AutoTecknic

Part of the fun of being a car owner is being able to personalize your vehicle. With aftermarket body modifications, engine upgrades, and other improvements, a car owner can make their vehicle unlike any other of the same make and model. There are many ways car owners can customize their ride, and AutoTecknic has everything you need to give your car the look you always wanted. While there is much that can be done to improve a car’s exterior, we’re looking at the inside today. Here are four ways to enhance your car’s interior with products from AutoTecknic.

Competition Shift Levers

Whether you want them for racing or to make your car look cooler, AutoTecknic has competition shift levers that will improve shifting speed. We have the highest-quality aftermarket shift levers and paddle shifters made from durable carbon fiber material. Our easy-to-install, natural grip, custom steering shift levers are specifically designed to fit BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and many other top European sports cars. Though they're made for European vehicles, the competition shift levers from AutoTecknic are made in the US. Which means they're high quality and priced affordably. 

Gear Selector Covers

If you’re going to replace your shift levers, you should consider upgrading your gear selector cover as well. AutoTecknic also has gear shift knob covers that are made from durable carbon fiber materials and designed to fit for European sports cars. Many of our aftermarket gear selector covers can be installed in minutes and are designed to replace your current gear shifter on your vehicle. We even have covers that are specially designed for gear shifts for BMWs with automatic transmission. These covers can wear out over time and lose their luster. Replacing them with an exact replacement can keep your car looking new.

Interior Trim Parts

The interior of your car is home to many switches, buttons, and other elements of the interior trim. If these pieces get broken or look old, AutoTecknic has custom interior trim parts that are made from extremely durable carbon fiber material. All of our custom car interior parts are made using the exact specifications as the original equipment manufacturer to ensure a perfect fit each time. AutoTecknic has replacement interior trim parts that can enhance the look of European sports cars including BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, and other top models.

Steering Wheel Trim

The steering wheel deals with more wear and tear than any other part in your car's interior. Your hands are rubbing on the steering wheel trim which can damage it, or cause it to lose fray. Whether you want to enhance the look of your car or you want a better steering wheel for racing, AutoTecknic has racing trim for steering wheels made from durable carbon fiber material. Like all of our aftermarket products, these steering wheels are designed to fit the steering wheels of European car models perfectly. Switching to a carbon fiber steering wheel cover is probably for the best. Many interior parts for European sports cars are made using cheaper plastics that eventually chip, crack, warp, and break off.

For all of your aftermarket car part needs, AutoTecknic has something that will suit the purpose. Browse our online store, and send us a message online if you need something special.