Compatible with both 991.1 GT3RS and 991.2 GT3RS, StudioRSR has developed the leading rollcage / rollbar (half-cage) for the GT3RS (991.1 and 991.2) to fulfill motorsport, HPDE, and track-day needs. Chassis rigidity and proprietary features makes the StudioRSR roll cage the premium option available in the market.

Update July 2018: The "5th bend" issue, as seen on alternative brands' roll cage options, has been addressed prior to our own roll cage finalization & release to the public. There are no worries with the notorious "5th bend" issue that 991 owners have been running into at various tech inspections where the total degrees of the bends in the main hoop exceeds 180 degrees (with the +/- 10 degrees rule). The StudioRSR cage has been confirmed to pass Tech Inspection with no "5th bend" and the correct degrees & quality of bends on the main hoop. ***If you currently own an alternative manufacturer's cage that did not pass due to this issue, we will be glad to assist with providing you a cage that will pass.***  

Designed and manufactured in-house, StudioRSR uses the latest manufacturing technologies to create this upgrade with NASA Racing specifications and wide-radius bends. There is zero metal crimping and zero tubing wall failure that is often seen from alternative roll cages. The StudioRSR half-cage is 100% bolt-in featuring a 4-point optimum mounting design with form-fitted brackets specific to the Porsche 991.1/.2 chassis. Professional installation is recommended, but installation is made easy with chromoly interlocking tubing clamps, zero welding, and all necessary hardware included. Available in-house at StudioRSR or shipped direct to you or your preferred Dealer/Installer internationally. This half-cage consists of 2 main pieces making installation and shipping even easier.

- 100% bolt-in / fully-reversible
- No Welding needed for installation
- NASA Racing spec (will not have 5th bend in the middle of the main hoop; only vehicles with moonroof/sunroof option will have the 5th bend if requested)
- 4-point half-cage
- steel brackets form-fitted to the 2015-present chassis
- Made with latest manufacturing technologies
- Wide-Radius bends = even stress distribution, no metal crimping, & no tubing wall failure
- Designed with optimum bolt locations to factory mounting points
- Signature designed StudioRSR
- Proprietary CNC machined tube-integrated chromoly tubing clamps
- Heavy-duty Chromoly steel 1.75" x .095 wall thickness all-around
- All Grade-8 mounting hardware included
- Installation instruction included
- This product is intended for Off-Road use only
- Product photos may vary from actual item
- StudioRSR Terms & Conditions apply (see link below to Terms & Conditions)
- 100% Made in USA
- Powdercoated in Red, White, Yellow, or Black at no additional cost

The following Custom Options are available with additional costs:
- Custom Paint/Powdercoat & Factory paint colors available
- Custom X-designs and gusseting available (Contact StudioRSR for details)
- Integrated Go-Pro & other Camera mounts


Please Note: 
- The StudioRSR cages are made to order and typically take 2-3 months to complete after receiving the order.
- Please note that once an order for made-to-order parts is confirmed, cancellation may not be possible.