AutoTecknic universal ABS paint-able splitter will enhance the front end look of your vehicle. These splitters are made with durable and precise OEM grade ABS plastic material. Customers can paint it to match the color of the vehicle. It will fit onto most bumper with proper installation. Drilling the mounting hole on the splitters are required prior to installation, installation hardware are vehicle specific, and are not included.

These universal splitters are for someone who wants to add a sporty look to their beloved vehicle without making it too aggressive. Protect your bumper from speed bumps and dips while enhancing the overall appearance of your beloved car! Many customers recommend these splitters to their friends, simply because of its looks and function.

Package includes one set of AutoTecknic universal ABS material splitters.

Splitter Dimension: 21" (Length) X 10" (Depth) X 5" (Width)